How it works

Making Forex Acquisition easier and fun

Get FOREX from the comfort of your home in 3 simple steps.

1. Choose a currency

Enter Amount

Enter the amount you wish to convert in your currency. We provide you with a wide range of currency both local and international.

Choose desired currency

Choose the desired currency you wish to convert your money to. You can always adjust your preference later on.

2. Select a dealer

Choose from list of verified dealers

AbokiMart will show a list of verified and regulated dealers with their respective exchange rates, giving you full control to choose your dealer.

Make payment

When you select a dealer from the list of verfied Dealers, you initiate the transaction by agreeing to our terms and conditions, your dealer will be notified that you are ready to trade, and then the dealer confirms that he has the amount you are requesting for, once this is done, the payment channel is activated.

3. Get Paid

Make your payment

You are prompted to make payment once the seller confirms that they can meet your demand, you are then redirected to our payment system (PayMe). Here you make payment into an account that temporarily holds your money for safekeeping.

Should your seller fail to meet your demand within the given time, your money is refunded back to you, mind you, cases like this are very rare here in AbokiMart.

Get paid to your domicillary account

As soon as you make your payment via our payment system (PayMe), the seller is prompted to transfer the Dollar you have purchased into your Domicilliary Account.

Connecting currency dealers with buyers.

AbokiMart is all about exchanging currency at cheapest rates, anywhere, anytime with ease and security

Exchange your currency

Safe and Secure

Two-factor authentication (email or authenticator apps) is required for all withdrawals and API usage. Our entire site requires SSL.

Fast & Simple

Registration is quick and easy and the trading platform is very easy to use. You will be making high quality trades in no time.

24/7 Customer Support

We have a fully functional online query handling system to assist you in using our online trading platform.