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AbokiMart for Currency Buyers

Need to change local currency to foreign currency, or need to change international currency to local currency. With AbokiMart, you get your desired currency paid directly to your bank account, fast, easy and securely.

"Simplest and safest way to exchange currency"

People Friendly

Built on trust and security

Whether you are an international student, banker, oversea worker, international trader, or just need to change currency for personal use, AbokiMart is designed to make your experience smooth, fast and secure.

Freedom to choose your seller

Community of currency buyers and sellers

AbokiMart contains one of the largest community of verified and genuine currency sellers, all competing to satisfy you. This means you get to choose any of our dealers based on any criteria of your choice.

Multiple Payment Options

Safe and secured payment

At AbokiMart, we believe that everyone should have the freedom to make payments, their own way. You may choose to pay online using your credit card,, or use traditional bank transfer methods. Choice is yours!

Gauranteed to get your money

Two way verification

AbokiMart keeps your money safe, and waits for your dealer to make payment before an actual exchange occurs. AbokiMart also gives you the option to ask for another dealer or a complete refund of your money should your dealer default on payment.


Transparent and automated

AbokiMart will notify you at every stage of the exchange, keeping you in the loop. You will get constant notification through our mobile app and through your email whenever there is a progress in your currency exchange.

Connecting currency dealers with buyers.

AbokiMart is all about exchanging currency at cheapest rates, anywhere, anytime with ease and security

Exchange your currency

Safe and Secure

Two-factor authentication (email or authenticator apps) is required for all withdrawals and API usage. Our entire site requires SSL.

Fast & Simple

Registration is quick and easy and the trading platform is very easy to use. You will be making high quality trades in no time.

24/7 Customer Support

We have a fully functional online query handling system to assist you in using our online trading platform.