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* Exchange limit is between 1000 and 10,000 USD per transaction
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Exchange foreign currencies with our community of domestic and foreign users, join our platform today and experience how and why our services stand out. Buy FX from the list of sellers available in your market domain, and have the FX sent to your Domiciliary account, without leaving the comfort and security of your home, now imagine the ease and safety our services provide. We carry out our due diligence on every registered customer, to ensure security of all our users

Get FOREX from the comfort of your home in 3 simple steps.

Enter Amount

Enter the amount you would like to exchange, and select the currency you want in return


Choose Seller

From our list of FX bids available, select any of users who best meet your criteria (in terms of exchange rates, delivery time and overall rating)


Get Paid!

Make your payment transfer, then get your FX in your domiciliary account in minutes.

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AbokiMart is made for everyone

Its all about creating a meeting point for currency buyers and sellers.
Built on trust and security.


Are you interested in exchanging Naira for other foreign currencies? AbokiMart is the place for you. Get the foreign currency you need in your domiciliary account within minutes.

AbokiMart gives you the freedom to choose from hundreds of trusted and verified currency dealers. We have successfully created a marketplace for the exchange of foreign currency at competitive rates.
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Exchange Currency


Hello! AbokiMart is the right place for you to sell your foreign currency in exchange for Naira. At AbokiMart there is a constant demand for Foreign currencies, as long as your selling rates are reasonable, you are guaranteed of getting a buyer within minutes of your bid creation.

To sell your FX here on AbokiMart, register and get verified on the platform, then create a bid by stating;

  • How much you are willing to sell
  • Your exchange rate (e.g N360/$)
  • Minimum bid you are willing to accept (for instance you want to sell $5,000, would you like to sell part of it to our buyers, or you want to sell the total amount to one user only)

After completing the above, you’ll be placed in a pool alongside other sellers, when a buyer agrees to your terms, the exchange is made.
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Agents are those people on our AbokiMart Platform that helps find both buyers and sellers of Dollars, they help publicize the platform by referring people here, anyone can be an agent even you, the requirements are not far fetched.

AbokiMart charges 1.1% per successful transaction, of this charge, our agents shall earn 0.11% from each transaction that occurs directly under them, that is, for every user (buyer) that registers with a AbokiMart Agent, the Agent gets 10% from his transaction charge. This money will be paid to the Agent at the end of the corresponding month.

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What customers say about us!

People prefer to use AbokiMart to meet their FX needs on a daily basis, because they trust our service and in our ability to deliver. Our users have quick access to FX at competitive rates.

Safe and Secure

Data through our platform are encrypted, the security of our users is at the core of our product development and product offering. Our entire site requires SSL.

Fast & Simple

Registration is quick and easy and the trading platform is very easy to use. You will be making high quality trades in no time.

24/7 Customer Support

We have a fully functional online query handling system to assist you in using our online trading platform.

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